Born in Wuerzburg, Germany, Katrin moved at an early age with her family to Tonga. After returning from the South Pacific the family settled in Stuttgart where Katrin discovered her passion for acting. At the age of eight she was on stage for her very first time and never could let go of it again.

Until the year 2000 she was a consistent member of the theatre group AUDI ET MIRARE and participated in many plays during that time.

Despite her passion and talent for acting her family recommended to study something "realistic". So she graduated from the University of Tuebingen with a Masters in Business Administration and worked for various big companies as a marketing expert.

Missing acting so much Katrin decided in 2013 to resign her job as a marketer and to finally pursue a career in acting.
Since then she took part in several TV productions and plays theatre. She trains regularly with her acting coach Suzanne Geyer.

Over the years another topic became very important for Katrin: animal welfare. She is an active member of the animal protection organisation The Souda Shelter Project in Greece.

Katrin currently lives in Copenhagen, Denmark.